Free Pattern for Simple Ribbed Hand Warmers

Hi Folks!

Here in Kingston, Ontario, today feels like the first official cold day of Fall. There are slippers on my feet, and the heat is ON.  And though I’m chilled by the breeze, and thoughts of winter to come, I am quite pleased to have an excuse to pull out my knit wear.  With that in mind, today I’m going to share with you a simple pattern I’ve created for hand warmers – I’ve already knit a couple of pairs and have plans to make a few more! These should be relatively easy, even for a beginner knitter. Happy Knitting!

Simple Ribbed Hand Warmers
Simple Ribbed Hand Warmers
Simple Ribbed Hand Warmers
One thumb to go!
Simple Ribbed Hand Warmers
The cuff also looks great folded




8.75” tall and 4” across the widest part of the hand, with room to stretch


1 skein of Sport Weight yarn (50 grams)

3.00 mm double-pointed needles

3.25 mm double-pointed needles

Spare yarn or stitch holder


13 stitches and 16 rows = 2 inches


k – knit

p – purl

kfb – knit in front and back of next stitch

Pattern: Cast on 48 stitches using long tail method with DK weight yarn. Divide on four 3.00 mm double pointed needles and join to knit in the round.


1-35: (K4, P2) x 8

Begin Gusset:

Switch to 3.25 mm needles

36: kfb, kfb, knit to end of row (50 stitches)

37-39: Knit next three rows

40: kfb, k2, kfb, knit to end of row (52 stiches)

41-43: Knit next three rows

44: kfb, k4, kfb, knit to end of row (54 stitches)

45-47: Knit next three rows

Continue in like manner to 62 stitches (kfb, k12, kfb, knit to end of row).

61: Knit all stitches

62: Kfb. Place next 15 stitches on stitch holder.  Continue knitting to end of row (48 stitches)

63-73: Knit next 10 rows.

Top Cuff: Switch to 3.00 mm needles

73-83: (k4, p2) x 8

Cast off in pattern (k4, p2) x 8.

To Finish Thumb:

Using two 3.25 mm needles, pick up stitches being held at the thumb gusset (15 stitches). Pick up 5 stitches at the base of the thumb (20 stitches). Knit all stitches for 5 rows. Cast off.

Weave in ends and make another one!



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