Colour Block Hand Warmers

When the weather is nice, I like to knit outside as much as possible! Though our apartment doesn’t afford us a yard (just a sad little balcony facing another apartment building), Art and I live a 2-minute walk from a waterfront and several city parks. The waterfront near city hall is usually crammed full of people, but just a short walk along the path in either direction and it almost completely clears out.

Colour Block Hand Warmers
Waterfront knitting

This past week, Art and I had a day off together so we biked down the waterfront path a ways and parked ourselves under a tree. He brainstormed for recipes, and I cast on for another pair of hand warmer (I can’t get enough!).

A great basic, lightweight pattern is from I absolutely love the simple construction of these.

The colour block design is wonderful and though I did stick to it this time around (with my own colour choices) this is also the perfect pattern to add your own twist to, whether through different colour work or textural elements.

Colour Block Hand Warmers

Colour Block Hand Warmers
Sophie, my knitting companion

I tweaked this pattern slightly. I used palette yarn from, and left the thumbhole unfinished (I don’t think it needs it, really). I also finished the tops of each hand warmer with a loose seed-stitch ribbing, which I folded over once cast off.

I really love these colours – I was inspired by a dress of mine that makes me think of gardens and sunny days. Hopefully these hand warmers have that affect on a cold, dark winter day!

Colour Block Hand Warmers

And now on to another project!


4 thoughts on “Colour Block Hand Warmers

  1. Those are really nice. I really like the colour combos, I’m awful at choosing colour combos, I never would have thought of putting those three together but they work really well!
    I may have to try this pattern, I have some light alpaca yarn lying around somewhere that needs love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Nikki! If I am at a loss for colour inspiration, I sometimes Google “colour combinations”, followed by a theme word like spring, or fall, or even fashion 2015! And though this pattern does take some time to make (tiny stitches) they are quite straightforward! Good luck!


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