Estonian Lace Handwarmers


Well, today is certainly a scorcher – at least for the small city in Ontario, Canada where Arthur and I live. With the humidity, it is 33 degrees Celsius. This is also the summer that we have stubbornly (stupidly?) refused to hook-up our A/C in an attempt to limit our electricity consumption. So, what better time to write about hand-warmers! Seriously. I’m going to write about hand-warmers.

My favourite knitting patterns tend to be free, and easily modifiable. A few weeks ago, when my craving for lacy knits first kicked in, I did an Internet search for lace gloves, which led me to this pattern for adorable Estonian lace wrist warmers on

I decided to modify them into hand-warmers, because who doesn’t love a good hand-warmer?

I chose to use KnitPicks Palette yarn, a 100% Peruvian wool, fingering weight yarn that comes in a huge variety of colours. I wanted to use the scrap wool I had from a recent project so went with a simple colour-block design.

I cast on and followed the pattern until I had knit to where I wanted to place the thumbhole (about 4.25″ up). Then I simply knit back and forth as if on straight needles, rather than in the round. This required reversing the pattern instructions when working on the back of the hand-warmer. I continued in this way for about 1.25″, at which point I began knitting in the round again, creating a thumbhole. I then continued the lace pattern for another 1.5″, knit 5 rows of ribbing and cast off.

IMG_20150728_090132 IMG_20150728_085240

I must say, I’m quite happy with these! There were a few hiccups along the way; I tried to knit them at the cottage while hanging out with friends which means I basically screwed up and unraveled the same row a million times for two days straight. But once I actually chose to focus, these were easy and fun. In fact, I think I’ll make a few more pairs!


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