Mystery Mohair

I’m guilty of being a bit of a pack rat. This is usually more of a nuisance than anything – I spent most of my twenties moving every couple of years, lugging things around that I would ostensibly never use. Once and a while though, this tendency has served me well. I’ve carried around three balls of a ‘mystery’ mohair yarn for about a decade now.

My grumpy cat Sophie using the 'mystery' mohair as a pillow
My grumpy cat Sophie using the ‘mystery’ mohair as a pillow

I have no idea if it’s mixed with acrylic, or wool, or silk, or what…If my memory serves me correctly, my mother passed them on to me from a mixed bag of yarn she had bought at a second-hand store. In any case, I couldn’t bring myself to part with them because they were so soft and fluffy, but I also couldn’t bring myself to knit with them. Mohair is notoriously difficult to unravel if you make a mistake. And at the time I was quite enamoured with knitting mittens, hats and socks. But last week I decided, “Enough of this! I’m going to make something lacy”. I found a lovely and free(!) scarf pattern by Lynn Anne Banks on

Though I usually enjoy taking on a good knitting challenge, I wanted this project to be as carefree as possible. This pattern is perfect for that – it’s simply one line repeated on both the front and back. Great for when you just want to unwind and relax! Yesterday, I passed a couple of hours curled up with a tea, working through this scarf, and listening to the new (old) records I recently unearthed at a local flea market. My idea of total relaxation.

This record is quickly becoming one of my favourites

I’m not done yet (2.5 balls down) but I will have a beautiful scarf soon! Perhaps this will be the perfect Christmas gift for somebody.



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